Founded in 2012, Dongyang HUANYU FILM Co. Ltd. focuses on film and TV series screenwriting, investment, production, publication and publicity, development of derivatives and management of artists. As one of the leading studios in China, HUANYU FILM...


  • Content Industrialization

    Focuses on content development, HUANYU Media has a unique core competence in leading trends by signing and promoting screenwriters.

  • Incubate and Promote Intellectual Property

    With the investment, production and publication of independent content, we can build up a vast reserve. With the efforts of artists, directors and production crew, we can assure high quality products out of its Intellectual Property.

  • All Wonders Lead to Us

    We will maintain our advantage in vanguard content and follow the idea of “innovate but preserve, focus on quality”, continue to convey the “all wonders lead to life” attitude and be the trend-starter of Chinese TV industry.