Legend of Ban Shu

Release time:2017-11-20

Starring: Jing Tian Zhang Zhehan Li Jiahang Li Sheng Deng Sha Li Xinai

Synopsis: Ban Shu, lost daughter of Western Regions' governor Ban Chao, grew up in the prairie all by herself. Just before their union, Ban Chao died. In order to earn the trust of her family, Ban Shu went to the palace and became a teacher in the school for noble girls and boys. Due to her lack of knowledge in traditional Chinese poetry, Ban Shu made many mistakes, yet her innovative teaching method won love and respect of the students. Ban Shu fell in love with her colleague Wei Ying, who had been suffering from the death of his fiancée. Just when Wei Ying and Ban Shu prepared to get married, the return of the undead fiancée put everyone in trouble. At last, with the help of her students, Ban Shu fulfilled her duty of promoting the culture of Han and received her award in career as well as in love.