Palace II

Release time:2017-11-22

Sequel to Palace I. 

Starring: Du Chun    Mickey He   Mabel Yuan    Shu Chang    Zhang Jiani   Yang Rong Bai Bing   Sun Feifei Wang Yang Chen Xiao

Synopsis: Palace II is set in the Qing dynasty during the reign of Emperor Yongzheng. Lian'er meets the 17th prince Yinli and they start a romantic relationship. However just as they are planning to get married, Yinli is forced to give up Lian'er in order to save his mentor Aling'a, so he marries Aling'a's daughter Jiajia instead. The heartbroken Lian'er wishes to leave the palace and live a normal life, but she finds herself embroiled in complex circumstances and is torn between rivaling factions. By coincidence, she catches the attention of Emperor Yongzheng and rises through the ranks to become Consort Xi. At this point Lian'er discovers that she is now in a more complicated situation with various lurking dangers. By choosing to persevere and remain faithful to herself, believing that she can weather the storm, she eventually overcomes all odds and earns herself the dignity and respect she deserves.