Demon Girl

Release time:2017-11-22

Starring: Zhang Zhehan   Li Yitong   Merxat   Wang aolei    He Ruixian

Synopsis: In the end of Qing Dynasty, the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded Beijing and half-demon Yingdie died trying to save her family. 15 years later, Qingcheng, the daughter of Yingdie, was forced to work as a dancing girl to survive. When she was being harassed, Ming Xia recused her and they fell in love against other people’s wishes. Xuewu, daughter of hospital administer Jiang, wanted to marry Ming Xia for his money in order to save the hospital. Xuewu set QingCheng up many times, yet with the help from half-demon You Tong, Qingcheng survived. Xuewu found the connection between You Tong and Qingcheng, made sure that Qingcheng was also a half-demon, started to hunt her. You Tong helped Qingcheng to escape, but couldn’t control his lust and raped her. He finally died in Xuewu’s trap. Qingcheng gave birth to a girl, only to be taken away by Xuewu, while Ming Xia lost his memory trying to save the baby. In the end, Qingcheng transformed into demon, pushed Xuewu down the cliff and returned to her cocoon to sleep.