Memory Lost

Release time:2017-11-22

Starring: Yang Rong Bai Yu Merxat Li Geng Sun Xiaoxiao Qi Ji

Synopsis: Highly intelligent police officer Bai Jingxi meets Han Chen while solving a rape case, and to Bai Jingxi’s surprise, Han Chen is actually an experienced criminal policeman. The two resolves their misunderstandings and develops feelings for each other. Because of an incident five years ago, Han Chen loses part of his memory, but remembers that he has a fiancée. In order to find the woman, he tries all sorts of methods, while rejecting the growing love between him and Bai Jingxi. Later, Bai Jingxi was deployed to the same team as Han Chen to investigate a bizarre incident. As the two protects each other in the midst of dangers, Han Chen realizes that he truly loves Bai Jingxi.

Han Chen eventually discovers that Bai Jingxi is actually his long-lost fiancée, Su Mian. An incident which stemmed from a serial murder case five years ago was the cause of their lost memories. Under a single alphabet code name, the members of the criminal organization kills people for fun. When they were about to be arrested, they released a bomb and kidnapped Su Mian, thereafter changing her identity.
Han Chen and Su Mian finally recovers their memories and successfully put those murders away.