Cosmetology High

Release time:2017-11-22

Starring: Jin Shijia    Yang Rong    Sheren Tang     Zhang Zhehan     Merxat 

Unit Starring: Luo Jin    Du Chun    Cherrie Ying     Ye Zuxin     Pan Yueming    Li Chen

Synopsis: In mid-term Tang Dynasty, Helan Jun, a brilliant cosmetologist was famous for bring beauty to women in palace. However, his skills triggered envy and he was set up to lose his wife, only a girl named Su Lianyi from the brothel helped him. Overcoming his own difficulties, Helan Jun helped many loves to reunion using his skills and intelligence. In time, he realized that beauty is not about appearances, but one’s spirit. Su Lianyi is his one and only true love and they finally got married.