Above the Clouds

Release time:2017-11-22

Starring: Chen Xiao    Mabel Yuan    Guo Xiaodong    Jiang Mengjie    Zhang zhehan   Cai Wenjing    He Hongshan

Synopsis: Jian Xi was left by her parents and grew up with her grandma. After her grandma’s death, she left home and went to find her mother in Beijing. Zhan Mei, birthmother of Jian Xi, turned her down. Instead of giving up, Jian Xi determined to become a performing artist. Talented and hard-working, Jian Xi quickly rose to stardom with quite a few celebrated characters. Tang Fei, who seemed to be bossy and self-righteous, had reached the peak of his career. After he met Jian Xi, he began to rethink his life and picked up his long-lost dreams. They turned into lovers. In their pursuit of art, they gained happiness as well as freedom and dignity.