In Love with Power

Release time:2017-11-22

Starring: Mabel Yuan Hawick Lau Ada Choi Han Dong Zhang Meng Zhao Minxuan 

Synopsis: This drama tells the story from the warring time of Huang Taiji to the time when his grandson Kangxi inherited the throne. Yu’er and Hai Lanzhu were half-sisters living lightheartedly on the prairie. In a festival, they met with their lover, Huang Taiji who promised Yu’er a wish and Zhuo Lin who asked Hai Lanzhu to wait for him yet later died on the war field. Yu’er saved Hai Lanzhu from killing herself, which moved Huang Taiji deeply. During the ups and downs of history, the two sisters were always standing by each other. Yu’er helped Huang Taiji by persuading Duo’ergun to cooperate. Fulin, son of Yu’er and Huangtaiji inherited the throne. He pushed forward with the idea of harmony between Han and Man nationalities, but died early after losing the love of his life. Yu’er overcame her sorrows and raised Xuanye to become a great emperor.