The Embroidery Beauty

Release time:2017-11-22

Starring: Du Chun Dong Jie Zhang Jiani Mickey He Gao Sheng Cao Xiwen 

Synopsis: The drama tells the story of love and hatred between the beautiful and aspiring embroidery lady Jiang Jiayuan and three men in her life. Jiang Jiayuan, the only daughter of Jiang Xuewen, whose family was most renowned in embroidery industry, was picked to work in the palace as an embroidery lady. Her father didn’t want to send her away and tried to switch her with someone else, only to be caught by the Imperial Eunuch Bai. Jiayuan was promised to marry the eldest son of Hang family, Hang Jingfeng, to whom she had no romantic feelings. Xu Lei, a servant of Hang family had held a grudge against Jiang Xuewen, helped Hang family to bring down Jiang family. However, his own s on, Xu Hen was Jiayuan’s lover. To break them up, Xu Lei told them the history of hatred between their families. In panic, Jianyuan killed Xu Lei accidentally and Xu Hen went to prison in her place. Jiayuan strived to reboot her family business and resolved their misunderstandings after Xu Hen was released years later.