Crazy for Palace

Release time:2017-11-22

Starring: Sun Yaoqi Zhang Zhehan Yang Rong Mabel Yuan Tao Shuai Wang Renjun Mai Dina 

Synopsis: In the winter of 2012, Hao, a history student, went to work as an intern in the Palace Museum. While restoring antiquities, he met a girl in ancient costume named Liuli. Liu li lost her memory and thought of herself as a ghost. Hao began to research for her true identity. They found a murder case in the palace 300 years ago, the secret of time travel, even the secret love affair of Emperor Yongzheng, yet nothing answered the question of Liuli. By this time, the two of them began to fall for each other and Hao didn’t want Liuli to leave, so he destroyed information on purpose, which created a rift between them. Hao found out that Liuli’s body had been kept in the museum and there were still signs of life. However, Liuli never woke up, and the museum decided to pull the plug. Hao managed to bring Liuli back to life and she remembered everything. Liuli told Hao to stop his investigation in fear of him stopping loving her when he knew the truth. Determined to get to the bottom of all things, Hao continued.