Old Days in Shanghai

Release time:2017-11-22

Starring: Hu Jun Jiang Yiyan Zheng Guolin Wang Yan Huo Zhengyan Jiang Hong’en 

Synopsis: After witnessing the disaster of her family, Song Yongfang, the only survivor, came to Shanghai for revenge. With her outstanding singing skills and unique personality, Yongfang became the favorite of Duan Jinhao, a tycoon in Shanghai, and changed her name to Jinbao. Tang Liping, the sworn brother of Duan Jinhao, wanted power for himself. In that time, Shanghai was under invasion of Japan, and to Duan Jinhao’s surprise, Tang Liping became a traitor. Duan Jinhao began to help the Communist Party. Meanwhile, Jinbao found out that the murderer of her family was Tang Liping and with the help of Duan Jinhao, she took her revenge. Song yongfang and Duan Jinhao finally understood each other and joined hands in anti-Japanese war.