Prettty Maid

Release time:2017-11-22

Starring: Ma Yashu Chen Sicheng Ron Wu Michelle 

Synopsis: At the end of the Qing Dynasty, 9-year-old Caiqing was forced to marry for money by her stepfather. Her mother, Qin Yuexiang killed the man by accident to protect her. Knowing that Yuexiang used to be rich businessman Shen Yuan’s maid, the head of the county, Xiao Ruzhang wanted to blackmail the family, only to be turned down by Yuexiang. For revenge, he sentenced Yuexiang to death. When Caiqing went to Shen family for shelter, she became a maid by mistake. She wanted to resume her identity as Shen Yuan’s unlawful daughter and get back her dignity and the right to love. However, the complicated relationship with three men in her life put her in a very difficult situation. Weathering through all difficulties with her kindness and intelligence, Caiqing finally received success in both career and love.