Love Tribulations

Release time:2017-11-22

Starring: Ane An Feng Shaofeng Annie Yi Rain Li Mickey He Qiao Zhenyu 

Synopsis: In the early Republican era, Du Lanyan, daughter of a rich family, fled home with the help of her maid after he father died and her stepmother started to abuse her. She was adopted by Li Yue’er, wife of Zhou Shi’an. Shi’an was a womanizer and Yue’er was very jealous. Lanyan kept the family together and Yue’er was so grateful that she married Yue’er to a seemingly nice man named Lu Dayou, who in fact, had a very dark side. Lanyan refused to accept this fate and used her tenderness to push Dayou to be a better man. One day, Dayou was killed in a fight and Lanyan met the true love of her life, Shen Chaozong. It was a taboo for women to remarry after their husbands’ death, but Lanyan did it anyway. Struggling with the family’s declining business, Lanyan and Chaozong stayed together and managed to keep the everything going.