Spell of the Fragrance

Release time:2017-11-22

Starring: Michelle Ye Hawick Lau Mickey He Gao Hao 

Synopsis: This drama is set in the last years of the Qing Dynasty, in a town called BaiHua, where young masters of two rivaling fragrance families, Gong Shaohua and Xiang Haoyu both fell in love with Su Yuning, the No. 1 fragrance lady. After being rejected, Gong Shaohua broke the other two up and killed Yuning. He even found Hongyu, a girl who lost her memory and looked exactly like Yuning, and sent her to steal Haoyu’s precious recipe. Haoyu managed to make Hongyu fall in love with him only to find that she was a doppelganger. Haoyu began to use Hongyu as a tool to fight back, which made her miserable. In the end, Shaohua realized his sins and took his own life. Hongyu and Haoyu got back together. They finally understood that love wasn’t about what you couldn’t have or already lost, rather what was right in front of you.