Hidden Intention

Release time:2017-11-22

 Also known as The Secret 

 Starring: Jiang Mengjie Gan Tingting Mickey He Luo Jin Qiao Zhenyu 

Synopsis: In the early Republican era, there was a renowned medical clinic called “Xing He” in Shuang Quan town. The owner Fang Shihong has two wives, Song Yizhen and Wang Xueqin. Yizhen’s daughter was named Anqiao and Xueqin’s Anxin. After Yizhen went down with a strange disease, Xueqin made Shihong to divorce her. Anqiao rescued a boy named Sheng Tianlin and sent him to study in the clinic, which started all kinds of drama among these young people. When the plague attacked, everyone had to let go of their grudges and worked together to save lives. After the real black sheep was caught, there was a big reconciliation and everything was back on track.