Bounty Hunter

Release time:2017-11-22

Starring: Qian Yongchen Jiang Kaitong Li Yifeng Ying’er Leanne Liu Maggie Siu Xue Jianing 

Synopsis: At the end of Qing Dynasty, rich businessman Bai was killed and a bounty hunter named Pin Yuan went to investigate in the town called Baisha. During his investigation, Pin Yuan found out that Bai was killed for a gold map, which linked to the death of his own father. 13 years ago, Qinglong gang from Japan hired his father and Bai for an exploration and they found a gold mine. Refusing to give the map of the mine to the gang, both of them were killed. Pin Yuan caught the murderer and threw the map into fire when pushed by the gang. As long as the mine stayed in China, people would find it, sooner or later.