Zhao Ge

Release time:2017-11-22

Starring: Wu Jinyan   Zhang Zhehan   Bao Jianfeng   Wu Jiayi   Liu Youwei   Liu Min

Synopsis: During the Shang dynasty, Emperor Yi moved to Zhao Ge as his new capital city, wishing that this city will always be well and alive like a morning song. Many years later, Emperor Xin came to power and made live a living hell for his people. Ji Kao, son of Ji Chang from Xi Qi, and Prince Yin Jiao were the only hope left. When Ji Kao was sent to the slave camp, Yin Jiao rescued him risking his own life. On his way back to Xi Qi, Ji Kao met Jiang Ziya, Nataku and Yang Jian. In 1048 B.C., Ji Kao changed his name to Ji Fa and raged a war against Emperor Xin with 800 lords all over the country, which led to the end of the Shang dynasty. Meanwhile, Yin Jiao blamed Ji Fa for his mother’s death and rebelled against him. After many battles, Yin Jiao came to realize that whoever the king may be, the people’s happiness must come first. He committed suicide and Ji Fa became the Emperor of Western Zhou. Zhao Ge, the city of hopes, witnessed all this and survived.