Story of Yanxi Palace

Release time:2017-11-22

Starring: Qin Lan   Nie Yuan   She Shiman   Wu Jinyan   Xu Kai   Wang Guanyi   Su Qing   Tan Zhuo   Zhang Jiani   Wang Yuanke 

Synopsis: Year six of Qianlong’s reign, Yingluo came into the Forbidden City as a maid to find the truth of her sister’s death. She believed that lord Hongzhou was involved and wished for revenge. Empress Fucha found out and helped her to grow out of hatred. After the death of Empress Fucha, Yingluo became doubtful about Emperor Qianlong. It took years for them to truly understand each other. Before her death, YIngluo told Qianlong the last words of Empress Fucha, it was her that asked Yingluo to stay with him and help him to be a great Emperor. Year sixty of Qianlong’s reign, Yingluo’s son became crown prince and herself was awarded as Empress Xiao Yi. Her promise to Empress Fucha was never broken.