King is not Easy

Release time:2017-11-22

Starring: Bai Lu   Zhang Yijie   Zhao Yiqin 

Synopsis: Adapted from Bai Lu’s latest comics, this story is about a cook and a king who switched souls. Da Xi, a so-called “leftover lady”, fell in love with the handsome imperial bodyguard Shao Yong and gave up her cooking career to work as a maid in the palace. The plot thickens when Da Xi switched souls with the king, Ji Man, by accident. To keep this secret, Da Xi had to learn how to behave like a king, and Ji Man was forced to presume Shao Yong in her place. In time, Da Xi resolved years of misunderstanding between the king and the queen mother, while Ji Man realized his love for Da Xi after finding Shao Yong his true love. The two switched back when a war started in the borders and Ji Man went to fight for his country. Da Xi, disguised as a man, went with him in secret. After a near-death experience, Da Xi saved Ji Man both lost their memory. Years later, they met again…