Love Yunge from the Desert

Release time:2017-11-22

Starring: Angelababy Du Chun Lu Yi Chen Xiao Yang Rong Su Qing Bao Bei’er Mao Xiaotong Kou Zhenhai 

Synopsis: During the Western Han Dynasty, eight-year-old Emperor Zhao of Han meets a girl named Huo Yunge, who rescued him from the cold of the desert. Ten years later, Yunge is now a beautiful young woman, who could not forget the boy she saved. She ventures to find her Brother Ling who has also not forgotten her after all these years. However, she mistakes Liu Xun for Liu Fuling when she sees a memento that Liu Fuling also has. Heartbroken that Liu Xun already has Xu Pingjun, she tries to let go. Yun Ge later meets a handsome man named Meng Jue who shows her lots of kindness, and finds herself embroiled in a power struggle within the imperial palace. Only later on does she realize that Liu Fuling is actually the man that she has been searching for all along. By then, she had already fallen for Meng Jue, the other recipient of her pearl shoe 10 years ago. Everything sees wrong, but fate has brought her the best gift. After all these years, Yunge is still that kind little girl from the desert, who can cook the best food and sing the most beautiful song.