Legend of Lu Zhen

Release time:2017-11-20

Starring: Zanilia Zhao   Chen Xiao   Kimi Qiao   Yang Rong   Tang Yixin

Synopsis: The story centers on the rise of Lu Zhen from a mere lady-in-waiting to becoming the only female prime minister in history during the Northern Qi dynasty.

Lu Zhen was the elder ambitious daughter of the Lu family, who successfully ran the family porcelain business, much to her father's delight and her stepmother's jealousy. Afraid of Lu Zhen taking much of the family asset upon her impending marriage, her stepmother schemed to poison her father and attempted to frame Lu Zhen for the murder. Lu Zhen fled and was saved by Prince Gao Zhan, who would become the love of her life. Gao Zhan faced the same family problem; when his father died, Empress Lou usurped his succession to the throne so that her own son and Gao Zhan's half-brother, Prince Yan would become emperor. Through Gao Zhan's connection, Lu Zhen entered the palace to become a maid, with the aim to rise to sixth rank female official so that she could appeal to the supreme court to re-investigate her father's murder. Amidst the constant scheming from Prince Zhan and Empress Lou in the fight to claim the throne, Lu Zhen managed to gain the emperor's support and rise through the ranks with her hard work, intelligence, and luck. She then helped Prince Gao Zhan claim his rightful throne, but could not be his empress due to certain circumstances. Emperor Zhan instead conferred her the title of prime minister, which is the highest position in the court so that she could best exercise her talent and aid him in ruling the country.