Beauty's Rival in Palace

Release time:2017-11-22

Starring: Zhang Ting  Li Xiaolu  Ming Dow  Mickey He  Zheng Guolin

Synopsis: This drama is set in the Tang Dynasty during Emperor Gao’s reign, when many maids fled the palace. Helan Xin’er was in love with imperial guard Pei Shaoqing, yet on her wedding day, she found out that Empress Wang, who once helped her, was sent to cold palace due to the death of little princess. To repay Empress Wang’s kindness, Xin’er gave up her wedding and went to the palace to investigate, only to be drawn into the power struggles centered on Wu Meiniang. She was conflicted between right and wrong, love and justice, but in the end, she was moved by Wu Meiniang’s idea of protecting the country. Since then, the two of them came together and overcame many difficulties to achieve their ideal.