The Palace

Release time:2017-11-20

Starring: Zhou Dongyu Chen Xiao Zhu Zixiao Zanilia Zhao

Synopsis: This is the film version of Palace. It tells the story of a palace maid named Chenxiang during the reign of Emperor Kangxi. Chenxiang befriended maid Liuli in the palace and they always looked out for each other. However, Liuli was quite ambitious and wanted to marry a prince. To achieve her own goal, Liuli betrayed Chenxiang and framed her. Liuli had an affair with the 9th prince while Chenxiang was in love with the 13th prince. After a series of misunderstandings and sufferings, the 13th prince figured out that Chenxiang was the love of her life. He left the palace with Chenxiang and went on with their own lives.