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Real actor is on the air, Acting show “focuses on acting skills


On November 8th, Real actor, the first much-awaited reality show of young actors in the studio was broadcast on Youku exclusively. It is co-presented by Youku, Huanyu Entertainment Co., Ltd. and Yinhekuyu media and initiated by Yu Zheng, the founder of Huanyu Entertainment Co., Ltd., famous screenwriter and producer. Famous actors Wu Zhenyu and Zhang Songwen and actress Zhang Jingchu are acting coach in the show. After broadcasting, the show has got 34 trending hashtags and views of topics about #Youku Real actor# are as much as 540 million, and there are about 840 thousand comments. All these make the audience eager to watch the subsequent shows.

Recently, Huanyu Entertainment Co., Ltd. has been sticking to “Make high-quality TV series and films with ingenuity” concept and produces many TV series containing excellent traditional Chinese culture. Huanyu Entertainment Co., Ltd. brought something new to the audience in its production of the reality show with a fresh new style.

As a reality show focusing on improvement of acting skills and professional ethics of actors, Real actor records entering the shooting team, team establishment, selection, audition and casting of 30 young actors and actresses and creates live show recording in the studio. The reality show is mainly divided into two parts: the improvised test and casting. The improvised test is the primary selection, where the coaches set a theme and actors give improvisations. In casting, a script is given to actors and actresses with many roles, for which they have to compete. Huanyu Entertainment Co., Ltd. combines “reality show” and “drama” creatively in Real actor, which is divided into “audition, casting, shooting and resurrection”. The audience can watch the competition between actors, and appreciate brilliant short plays to clearly tell the differences between actors.


Real actor focuses on acting skills and themes. Actors may reveal their advantages, disadvantages and feelings in the real and fierce competition in the studio, showing his/her true aspect to touch the audience. The show intends to “teach people how to act”, intentionally selects new actors and actresses to find out their problems in acting, give them effective solutions and explore their endless potential. Therefore, the show can select the most suitable actors for roles and brings fresh blood and possibilities to the film and TV series industry.