Nan Zhang

Nan Zhang

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Nan Zhang
Nan Zhang     
Basic Information

Zhang Nan is a Mainland Chinese actress who was born in Dalian, Liaoning on June 27, 1997. In 2006, she signed a contract with Huanyu Entertainment Co., Ltd.; in 2017, she debuted in the online romantic drama, Long For You; at the same year, she played a role in a trendy drama, Fall In Love At Second Sight; and in 2010, she participated in a costume TV drama, Untouchable Lovers.

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Performing experience

TV dramas

Ode to Daughter of Great Tang; Role: Fu Yin; Director:Wang Xiaoming

Standardized Queen; Role: Ling Xiaoxiao; Director: Mou Xiaojie

The New Legend of Chu Liuxiang: Beauty Map; Role: Leng Xingchen; Director: Huang Jianxun

The Legend of Haolan; Role: Han Qionghua; Director: Tat Chiu Lee

Super Talent; Role: Cong Lexi; Director: Xing Xiao

Untouchable Lovers; Role: Zhong Niannian; Director: Wai Chu Lee

Zhao Ge; Role: Long Nü; Director: Tat Chiu Lee, Kenne Yam, David Lau

Long For You; Role: Lin Beila; Director: Cattree

The Principle; Role: Jing Ying; Director: Lin Helong


2018 A Magic Journey For Love; Role: Yan Ruyu; Director: Wang Xiaogang