Yizhe Wang

Yizhe Wang

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Yizhe Wang
Yizhe Wang     
Basic Information

Yizhe Wang, formerly named Wang Zhe, is a Chinese actor who was born in Xinjiang on May 14, 1994. He is a student at the Communication University of China, majoring in broadcasting and hosting. In 2015, he participated in King of Top, a reality show designed by iQIYI to develop idols. After that, he began performing. In 2006, he signed a contract with Huanyu Entertainment Co., Ltd., and completed his first TV drama, Memory Lost. During the same year, he participated in a movie about youth and romance, How Are You. In 2017, he played a role in the imperial court drama, Story of Yanxi Palace, as well as, One Hundred Reasons for Not Being Emperor. In 2018, he took part in the romance drama Untouchable Lovers and the blood-warming drama Arsenal Military Academy set during the time of the Republic of China.

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Performing experience


2016 How Are You; Role: Li Lei (adult); Director: Yang Yongchun

TV Dramas

2019 Ode to Daughter of Great Tang; Role: Fu Shui/Chen Xin; Director: Wang Xiaoming

2018 Miss Truth; Role: Bai Yi; Director: Wu Tiange

2018 Arsenal Military Academy; Role: Ji Jin; Director: Hui Kaidong

2017 Story of Yanxi Palace; Role: Fucha Fukang’an; Director: Hui Kaidong

2017 Untouchable Lovers; Role: Wang Ze; Director: Wai Chu Lee

2016 Zhao Ge; Role: Lei Zhenzi; Directors: Tat Chiu Lee, Kenne Yam, David Lau

Online Dramas

2017 One Hundred Reasons for Not Being Emperor; Role: Prince (No.2 leading role); Director: Niu Maomao

2016 Memory Lost; Role: Ding Jun; Director: Tat Chiu Lee, George San-Chuen Leung

Reality Shows

2018 Super Nova Games by Tencent Video

2015 King of Top, Most Popular Competitor