About Huanyu

About Huanyu

Huanyu Entertainment is committed to being a Chinese film and TV pioneer, to continue to convey “colorful and multitudes” content all while adhering to our core concepts of “Heritage, Innovation, Concentration, and Quality”, in order to become and remain a Chinese film and TV trendsetter.


  • Heritage
  • Innovation
  • Concentration
  • Quality
  • One Core

    Sign and cultivate its own scriptwriters to focus on content research.

  • Two Circles

    IP incubation circle and IP processing circle

    Via content research, production investment, and distribution create massive open-sourcing content.

    Establish our own IP team to process and ensure what we produce is of the highest quality.




Garment Factory

With six and a half floors, Huanyu Entertainment Costume Factory covers an area of over 3,600m². It is composed of a costume show hall, a modeling production hall, and a finished product hall, etc.

The type of work done here includes styling, drawing, hand embroidery, copper engraving, jade carving, ornament production, printing and dyeing, antique finishing, gold plating, spray painting, cutting, lathing, and costume management. We use only first-class dressmaking machines, such as a professional imported embroidery machine, new jade-carving machine, large printers for printing sketches, branded inkjet printers, sewing machines, wire drawing machines, and an all-in-one gold-plating and silver-fastening machine, Jack sawing machines, button-holing machines, and professional infrared cutting machines, to assure the highest quality products.