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Huanyu Entertainment Co., Ltd. brings another work of “Chinese style TV series and films” Winter Begonia displays ingenuity in details


Winter Begonia is unveiled and broadcast on iQiyi exclusively on March 20th, 2020. This emotional drama in times of the Republic of China is co-presented by iQiyi, Huanyu Entertainment Co., Ltd. and Dream Maker, produced by Dai Ying and Yu Zheng, directed by Hui Kaidong, starring Huang Xiaoming, Yin Zheng and She Shiman.


Huanyu Entertainment Co., Ltd., the producer and contractor of Winter Begonia, made the “Chinese style TV series and films” strategy last year. Story of Yanxi Palace, The Legend of Haolan and Untouchable lovers produced by the company integrated traditional culture elements and became attractive and popular among young people. Adhering to “Make high-quality TV series and films with ingenuity” concept, Winter Begonia take the protection of Peking opera as its storyline and display the art in every aspect. Exquisite costumes, makeup and props, historical background and destinies of characters present us the abundant and profound traditional culture. Meanwhile, the production team invited famous Peking opera artist Bi Guyun to work as Peking opera consultant, and well-known Peking opera performers Yin Jun and Mu Yuandi to work as Peking opera directors.

Actors involved in Peking opera performance, including Yin Zheng, Tan Jianci, Huang Xingyuan, were taught directly by Yin Jun and Mu Yuandi. They have been trained intensively in the preparatory phase of production. Moreover, two directors were with the production team throughout shooting to ensure that details of actors were closer to that of professional Peking opera performers.

The production team behind the scenes of Winter Begonia is the same as that of Story of Yanxi Palace. Another cooperation between director Hui Kaidong, modelling director Song Xiaotao and art director Luan Hexin also draws attention and expectation of many fans. From exposed video clips, Peking opera stage, props, costumes, modelling and details manifest the ingenuity of production team of Huanyu Entertainment Co., Ltd. Two Peking opera stage are the copy of Jingguang guild hall and Huguang guild hall in the same size. Opera costumes are manufactured by professional opera costume design team. There are over 200 opera costumes in Winter Begonia, and 100 of them are customized.

Being devoted to “Make high-quality TV series and films with ingenuity”, Huanyu Entertainment Co., Ltd. persists in producing “Chinese style TV series and films” and focuses on Peking opera for the first time to show its charm through trendy works that cater to young generations, and make traditional Chinese culture more recognized and popular among them. For more about Winter Begonia, come to watch it!