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Dialogue with Yang Le, CEO of Huanyu Entertainment Co., Ltd.: Good works are the core competence

Publisher:Issuer: Sina Finance Time:2019-09-24

Sina Finance news. On April 15th, 2019, EST, Ms. Yang Le, CEO of Huanyu Entertainment Co., Ltd. accepted the exclusive interview of Sina Finance during 2019 Harvard College China Forum. Since 2012, Huanyu Entertainment Co., Ltd. has successfully produced many popular TV series such as Story of Yanxi Palace, Untouchable lovers and The Legend of Haolan and presented the audience many classical works. During the interview, Ms. Yang Le said that good works were always the core competence, and we should promote the development of the eco-system of the whole industry.



Here is the interview:

Sina Finance: What’s your suggestions for modern film and TV series companies to maintain their core competence in global marketHow to express and inherit the traditional culture and resonate with people all over the world in emotions and values


Yang Le: In my eyes, good works are essential for core competence, what we often named as “original aspiration”. Everything we do serves for the story. Now, everything is going to transform and change in global acquisitions of platforms. Only good content is the bedrock on which you can stand in the face of changes. Meanwhile, we should promote the inheritance of traditional culture through good content. In Story of Yanxi Palace, there are about 7 or 8 segments of Chinese intangible cultural heritages, such as melting iron fireworks of Hebei Province, velvet flower craftsmanship of Nanjing, and silk tapestry of Suzhou. Many foreigners get to know something about excellent Chinese traditional culture through TV series and films. Actually, people from all over the world resonate over good works and beautiful stories, and they are the carriers to link cultures.


Sina Finance: In the rapid development of globalization nowadays, what is the overseas market expansion strategy of local TV series, films and entertainment companies? How to create more cooperation modes instead of relying on copyright trade only


Yang Le: Copyright trading is the first step of cooperation. It is important to cooperate with excellent channels. After that, you can develop themed products such as music, literature, investment and brand cooperation. Actually, a good story brings you everything. It is easier to understand if we take Story of Yanxi Palace as an example. Good works can bring multilateral win-win outcomes, including actors, commerce, cultural communication and social responsibility, and it promotes the eco-system of the whole industry.


Sina Finance: Would you talk about the business model of Huanyu Entertainment Co., Ltd.? For example, the selection of the theme of a new TV series, artist management, commercialized expansion of traditional culture or trials in other diversified forms?


Yang Le: As I said, we should look at the eco-system of the whole industry and then go through different aspects, including theme selection, production, finance, issuing, dissemination, art and costumes. It is easier for us to control the quality and unite the aesthetics expressions. Meanwhile, we should build our IP with diverse carriers like literature and immersive exhibitions. I think what is more valuable for a company is that it is a platform to link various resources, including culture transmission, providing more resources and opportunities for young men, building a platform for traditional craftsmen and integrating IPs to spread and realize good ideas.


Sina Finance: What is the flow in the creation of content? What is your plan for 1 to 2 years in the near future?


Yang Le: Mr. Yu Zheng often reads various documents and carries out field study for inspiration. For example, in production of Story of Yanxi Palace, he took the production team to the Forbidden City, and they stayed there for two months to refer to archives and collect materials. Feedbacks of internet users, such as comments on Weibo and bullet comments on the screens, are very helpful. In 1 or 2 years in the near future, promotion of excellent traditional Chinese culture is still our priority, and it involves clothes, food, dwelling and travel in themes. For example, Court Lady tell the customs and practices in Tang Dynasty, and Love Along the Grand Canal takes Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal as the background with the description of Chinese cloisonné.


Sina Finance: From your years of experience in the cultural and entertainment industry, what’re your suggestions for young men overseas?


Yang Le: I have been working in the industry for 13 years, witnessed the great change that transmission mode of the industry was transformed from terrestrial channels to the network platform. I found my interest in this industry and hope young men can find the job that interests them and form a positive cycle. Meanwhile, I encourage them to go back to China for opportunities. (Sina Finance office in North America, Wang Zhaodi, Boston)