Gold team


Zheng Yu


Co-founder of Huanyu Entertainment Co., Ltd.

He is the founder of Huanyu Entertainment Co., Ltd. as well as a famous film, TV producer, and scriptwriter in Mainland China. He has created and produced many well-known TV dramas such as the Palace series, Beauty series, The Swordsman, The Legend of Lu Zhen, Untouchable Lovers, Story of Yanxi Palace, The Legend of Haolan. Almost all of them topped the list of audience ratings and online on-demand streaming.


2018 - Tencent Entertainment White Paper Annual Icon Man of the TV Drama Industry.

2018 - “One Belt and One Road” Broadcasting, Films & TV Dramas Golden Producer.

2018 - The Annual Business Stars’ Strength Ceremony - Wise and Beautiful Pioneers, Entrepreneur of the Year.

2014 - Best Scriptwriter for the Chinese American Films Festival for The Swordsman.

2011 - Best Scriptwriter of the 16th Asian Television Awards show for Palace.