Gold team


Yang Le


CEO and co-founder of Huanyu Entertainment Co., Ltd.

He has been a well-known film and TV drama producer and leader of the film and TV drama industry since he made his first appearance in this field in 2005. With other investors, he co-founded Huanyu Entertainment which has released over 30 TV dramas such as, Palace series, Schemes of a Beauty, The Swordsman, and The Condor Heroes. He presented many TV dramas such as Zhao Ge, Untouchable Lovers, Story of Yanxi Palace, The Legend of Haolan, and Arsenal Military Academy.



Vice-Chairman of TV Dramas and Online Drama Production and Broadcasting Cooperation Advancement Committee of China TV Artists Association

Innovation Figure of the Year at the 2017 Chinese Culture and Entertainment Industrial Summit

Innovation Figure of the Year at the 2018 China New Culture Entertainment · New Consumption Summit

One of 200 professional judges from the film & TV industry to select good works and good companies during 2018 for accreditation on the 2019 Third Eagle Eye Ingenuity List.